Illustration by: Terrorezija

There are two sides to ones’ existence: 
the internal and the external. 
My creations split into two major categories: expression of self and descriptions of the world around me. 
Through the utilisation of photography, digital manipulation, abstract calligraphy, writing and audio 
I aim to express myself and criticise the world, as well as understand it. 

Transforming pain into beauty for the purpose of achieving catharsis. 
Remembering moments of joy by encrypting them into an artistic medium. 

I aim to understand how the fusion of technology and art played a role in forming
human consciousness, other factors that have created contemporary society and 
how it can change on a small and large scale, starting from “ the self”. 

Solo Shows 

06 | 09 | 19 Private Residency Rooftop Reality 
17 | 07 | 19 Blacks Club The Other Side of Dual Reality 
07 | 05 | 19 Embassy of the Republic of Croatia R E U S E 
24 | 04 | 19 Blacks Club R E U S E: P R E L U D E 
06 | 10 | 18 Private Residency R E U S E 

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