A series of unplanned portscapes (portraits x landscapes). We forget the beauty of nature and discard it for technology. No matter how much we dwell in the land of artificial, the aesthetics of biology will always overpower the fabricated. Paradoxically, this series could have not been created without the existence of the technological realm. Conclusion: The artificial and real should co-exist. 

Some shoots are planned, some are random. 
I was never the one to plan my shoots too much, as with photography you never know what you are going to get until you are at the spot. At the same time, I was never a fan of mood boards, in my opinion, they kill “the magic”. Quite an unprofessional trait for a professional photographer who rarely uses artificial lighting, props or anything else for that matter(this was shot with one flash in my room, after we randomly decided to meet up). 

During the editing process, I dug through my old photographs of landscapes and cooked up this series of port/scapes. Et voilà.

Model: @luci_iv
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